Hey there, I'm Luqui. 👋🏻


Project Overview

LastBasic is a marketplace where inventors meet experts to develop their ideas. Inventors can be anyone with an idea (mostly related to hardware prototypes). On the other side, they meet a diverse community of experts (designers and engineers) who challenge themselves to help them with their invention in exchange for a reward or recognition.

Problem Statement

People find it difficult to create inventions, and most if them contain hardware inside with electronics and PCBs. When they want to develop it, they find themselves with consultancies that charge them a lot of money and time, just for a concept prototype. The other thing we found was that people were not aware of a prototype itself and its complexity while their intentions were not aligned to the process itself. On the other side, engineers and designers working as freelancers are looking for new projects to work on and want to belong to a community that understands them, rewards them appropriately and gives them resources to level up.


  1. Create a marketplace itself that attacks different verticals: social, entertaining, useful, community, and profitable for everyone.
  2. Keep an old existing platform (1st MVP) running, while creating this new concept.
  3. Create internal working systems to work smart and fast.

My Involvement & Implementation


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